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A3 Side Sewn Portfolio


Side Sewn Binding. Full Colour. Sizes Up to A3.

A side sewn portfolio with exposed spine and visible stitching. A "side sewn" binding (also referred to as "oversewn") is one where a high strength synthetic stitching runs through the left side of the book. It holds the book together by sandwiching the internal pages between the top and bottom covers.This is a durable long term solution that also gives the book a lovely hand-made look. Suitable for up to 100 pages / 50 sheets.

Click the headings below for more info.

    Paper Stock 

    The type of paper we will use for your portfolio. We always use a thicker stock for the front and back covers, and a thinner matching paper for the internal pages. We've selected the most popular premium options for reliable and impressive results every time. See our Paper Stocks page for more info.

      Number of Pages

      The number of pages in your book, not including the front or back cover. Each sheet of paper has 2 sides to it, and each side of the sheet is counted as a "page". Pages that have no printing on them still count.


        The number of copies you want of your portfolio. We can only print copies of the same file - no variations allowed. The file you attach here will be used for every copy of this item. If you have a different version you need printed, please add this to your cart as a separate item.

          Portfolio Size

          Got a custom size other than A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm)? Simply select the A-series size that your entire print will fit within, and we will trim to your crop marks. For example, a portfolio 200mm x 305mm would require you to select an A3 (297mm x 420mm) size portfolio. If you want a square book, 297mm x 297mm is as large as we can go, and this would require an A3 product.

          Printed Proofs

          We highly recommend this option to everybody - think of it as insurance against errors in the finished product. It's the only way you'll get the chance to make changes to the original file you submit with your order. See our Printed Proofs page for more info.

            Spine Colour

            Add a permanent coloured dye down the spine of your Portfolios. Colours swatches are an approximation only. If you have a specific colour you'd like us to match to, please get in contact (starts at $110 per colour). Standard is white/clear. 

            Translucent Pages

            Add translucent pages to your book. These additional sheets won't affect your "Number of Pages" page total. They can be printed with white ink, black ink, full colour, or remain blank. They are printed on one side only, so be sure to include blank pages in your PDF where necessary to maintain your page order.

            Foiled Covers

            Have your book covers Digital Foiled with a metallic gold, silver or copper. You must read our Digital Foil setup page before ordering this option, as there are a few things to keep in mind. Not available on "Heavy Textured Matte - Bright White" paper stock. 

              Thread Colour

              The colour of thread we will use for the visible stitching you'll see down the spine of your portfolio. This will only be visible from the outside - you'll barely see it when looking at the internal pages.


                How quickly do you need this item completed? Standard is 5 business days. Orders must be placed before 4pm on business days, and pick-up / dispatch is after 4pm on business days. For example: You order before 4pm Monday with a 5 business day turnaround, submit correct artwork, choose pick-up and no printed proofs; your order will be ready for pick-up the following Monday after 4pm. Remember shipping adds transit time (add 1-2 business days), and printed proofs take an additional 1-2 business days. See our Turnaround page for more info.

                  File Uploads

                  The final, finished, 100% ready-to-go files we'll use to print your portfolio. 100mb max each. Make sure you read our Artwork Setup page very carefully - incorrectly supplied artwork may delay your order. 

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