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Printed Proofs

We highly recommend this option to everybody - think of it as insurance against errors in the finished product. It's the only way you'll get the chance to make changes to the original file you submit with your order. 

Printed proofs are an approximation of what to expect from your finished product in terms of image quality, copy, margins, colour rendition, size, and paper stock. We print and supply this to you before we produce your finished product, which means you have the chance to make changes to your artwork if you find that something was wrong with your original file.

Note that proofs are supplied as untrimmed, unbound flat sheets of oversize A3 paper - straight out of the printing press. We don't proof things like die cutting, foiling, embossing/debossing, celloglazing, spot UV, creasing etc. Set-up costs for these things are significant, so we have to wait until the whole job is approved before doing them. Instead we may choose to print some of these things in an obvious colour for visual reference on the proof only.


    Dispatch Method

    If you decide you do want printed proofs, you will need to physically see them before we can begin to produce your products. That means we need to get "stuff" to you twice - the proofs first, then the finished products several days later. For this reason we need you to select how you want to get the proofs. You will have the option of choosing how you get your finished products, but you will be asked to select this at checkout.

    • Pick Up - Come in to our office and view your proofs for on-the-spot approval. This is the fastest option, and one we highly recommend.
    • Express Shipping - We will send your proofs via Express Post to the address you enter when checking out. This shipping applies only to your proofs, not the finished product/s.
    Feel free to mix and match your shipping options. For example you might want to have your proofs sent to you by express post first, but then come in and pick up your finished products when they are ready. Keep in mind we cannot ship to different addresses - the address you enter when checking out is the only one we will use for either proofs and/or the finished products.


      Does ordering printed proofs affect turnaround times?

      Yes, the proofing process adds turnaround time to your order - exactly how much time depends on you. Proofs fit in to the production/order process as follows:

        1. You place your order, making sure to add this Printed Proof item to your cart too.
        2. We print 1 set of proofs based on the files you submitted during step #1. We will have this set of proofs ready for pick up or express shipping at 4pm two (2) business days after you placed your order. Express shipping usually takes one (1) extra business day.
        3. Once you have received and checked over your proofs, you must get in contact with us to confirm that we can proceed with production of your full order. If there are errors in the proof, this is when you can re-submit your file. 
        4. Once we receive confirmation from you, your chosen turnaround countdown begins, unless otherwise advised by one of our team.